Sunday, November 13, 2005

Haven't we just had a BLAST at raks this week???? OMG it has been fun. I really wanted to just stay there the entire week and just scrap and chat lol. Unfortunately this week was also busy in other ways.

We had Chase's fourth birthday (sniff sniff); I had to work at the school; had a board meeting; had to get ready for my friends shower and then ended up having the shower here ( about speed cleaning, lol) because my dear friends Missy and family got a terrible tummy bug. Now I just feel whooped and wiped, lol.

But....I am shaking it off as I have to clean the rest of the house now.....the places I just threw everything hehehe.


I have fallen so behind on what I want to do with this blog....picking my blog of the day and my tutorials picks etc.

Got to get back into that!!

I need someone to help me get better organized, lol!

ok...logging to go check out some blogs!

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