Monday, February 09, 2009

Man. I won't even go into how sick I have been,lol. I am done whining about it. But I am done. I want to be on a beach with bf's, books, beer and boiled shrimp!

But it has messed with my life too.

I fell off my pj 365 wagon because of it! wahhhh. Due to my praying in front of the porcelain God. No way to take pics of anything anyone would want to see. lol

I haven't gotten to scrap much. Or get anything new in the store. But that is ok. I will still keep truckin!

I mainly wanted to let you know how to get a new free template from me!! (and a chance to win $5 to spend in Pamela Donnis' store at Funky Playground Designs!

Free Template:

Click here to go grab it. If you want, use it for our challenge and you can win some spending money! wohoooo!

I really hope some of you come really is fun and a great way to get a layout done! We have had small but consistent amount of ppl come play...but we need more to keep it running! So...spread the word and please come play!

end of plea,lol.

Hope you are well and healthy and I will be getting my new pics on my photo a day blog and go look at yours!

hugs and happy scrapping!



clc said...

Hope you are feeling MUCH better now! Thanks for the great template! I'll try to get a layout done for the challenge.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the great template!! Glad to hear you're feeling better. :)

Dana said...

Thank you very much for this great Template

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the template. Hope your feeling much better soon.. soon.. soon! I feel for ya.


Kim said...

Hope you're feeling better, sweetie!! I love the challenge, and will be jumping in as often as I can! :)

Valorie said...

Love the temp Tracy!! Had to use it!! Check out the FPD gallery if ya wanna peeky...LOL! Happy VDay BTW...Mwah!!