Saturday, January 03, 2009

I Give. I Give. I GIVEEEEEEEEEEEe. Seriously folks. I tend to be a tad on the dramatic side. Prone to silly over exaggerations. But. Nope. Not this time. I have been WAY sick for almost a full week. I mean sicker than I remember being in forever. And it keeps getting worse instead of better.

I had a weird feeling yesterday feeling...but just thought it was part of the over congested feeling I have...that NOTHING is helping.

And woke up not long after falling asleep...with my eyes glued shut. You guessed it. PINK EYE! In BOTH eyes. BAD. WTH! This is so not cool. I have only had it once before...and this time is like Four times worse. And I am not going in cause the research I did says that since it is probably tied into the virus I have....the meds wouldn't work. Says that it only works on the bacterial kind of P.E....not viral. And I don't have the money to go to urgent care for shits and giggles...I have to make sureeee I really need to go. Which might me soon if I keep coughing up a lung.

So. whine and cheese.....bring the crackers.

My momma did whisk the boys away for hte weekend to let me I hope they don't have it lurking in their little bodies....and spreading to my aunt and mom.

I am getting some scrapping done! I am so stoked about that. And some new templates in the store.

And some feet up in front of the fire, hubby checking on me from a far every once in awhile (funny side note here...he is normally the kind who kisses on me and the boys even if we are sick...the kind of I aint skeered kind of man....the I don't get sick bring it on man....but he is so keeping his distance. Blowing me kisses...wrapping his hands in saran wrap before he rubs my back. j/k. I brought it to his attention. His eyes got big and said...babe...this one scares the crap out of me. You have never been this sick. bwahhahaha). Watching some mindless tv.

Haven't started my health plans really...except drinking the water...but hey. can't work out darn it. and chocolate makes me feel better.

here are the layouts I have finished (almost done with two others)

Me and Miss (on their visit in Nov). Boy I look preggo lol.

I used A Good Life mini kit by Valorie Brown. The fawn, mushroom and staple from Corina's Totally eclectic kit. All available at Funky Playground Designs.

Chase in Nov on his 7th bday. love how his soccer number was 7 lol!

I used the fabulous tomboy kit by valorie brown from fpd

and traci murphy's drop shadow actions, also at FPD

my template from trios set two

and my kids and their cousins throwing olives at each other during our Thanksgiving celebration...until I found out and put a stop to it (after I took pics,lol)

I used Wildflower and Tomboy kits by Valorie Brown at Funkyplayground Designs

Here are my newest releases (all a dollar till Monday)And all are ok for commercial use (templates for quick pages and albums) and scrap for hire.

click here to go to store.

ok chicklets...going to go finish my layouts....feels so good to scrap again! ahhhh

hugs and happy scrapping!



Ratzlaff Reflections said...

Oh, you poor thing!! I remember having pink eye and it was MUCH worse than anything I ever expected. Plus the congestion, etc? Blech. Look on the bright side, though. You've got your chocolate (maybe you can grab some real wine rather than the whine variety) and you are fortunate to have some alone time!! Sounds a bit like heaven. With the aches and grumbles . . . okay, so maybe not SO much like heaven, but if you take enough drugs, you'll feel better!!

Melinda said...

awwww, I'm sorry you feel so bad :( and to have pink eye on top of all of the congestion crud, that really bites! This congestion stuff is nasty everywhere right now. I hope you feel better soon! enjoy your 'alone time' though- great to see you scrapping again!!

IkeaGoddess said...

Awww, poor little chicken. I hope you feel better real soon. Pink eye sucks. Hope you got a chance to really rest with the boys gone. Get well soon.