Monday, September 29, 2008

hi scrappers. hope all is going ok today! all is good here. a little warm still. a freak little 4 min rain. got myself a cuteeee new haircut.... sing with me...."If you think I'm sexxxyyyy...and you want my bodddyyyy...come on sugar let me knowwww". That is what I was singing as I strutted into my hubbie's office after my appointment. He just smiled, patted me and said he loved me, giggle. (will have to show you a pic soon.) Did some stuff at both boy's school, got some stuff from the boyscout store for my friend's son and for Chase...came home and tackled homework and stuff ready for the consignment store and here I am!

I must make a commentary....skip if you want.

I am a stickler for Customer Service at stores, diners etc. It doesn't matter if you are happy, sad, cramping, fighting with your kids/hubby/cat etc. You fake it till you make it. You make the customer happy. You smile and are polite and do your best. It is your JOB for goodness sakes. You are lucky to have that job. And in today's age CAN be replaced.

Yesterday was hysterical. Hubby and I went out for the day. We went to lunch and had the WORST service in history. They were understaffed and making mistakes for everyone's orders. (ours was actually ok...but all three tables around us had mistakes. Took forever to be served. Then...we paid. waited for our change. and waited. and waited. got the gal on the way by. Ummmm. we are waiting for our change. chewing of gum...oh..yeah...and left. no sorry. or Rightttt back. Waiting. waiting waiting waiting. she comes by...slaps it on the table without looking at us and goes to the table by us. the look on my hubby's face was so funny I burst out lauging and said...uhhhh ok. she turned around. oh. sorry. I am just really busy. turn around again (after she had just been shooting the breeze with ppl she knew at another table for like 4mins before we snagged her). so we left. went to office max. walked around on my own searching for something...none of the ppl around bothered to stop talking to each other to ask if I needed help. finally I gave up and asked someone who SIGHED and turned around and just looked at me after I politely said..ummmm excuse me. I said....Well..I am looking for xyz. He said....over that display. and turned around to his coworker. I shook my head. Then we went to another store. more of the same...won't bore you.

ALL three stops. Rude, bored and unhelpful staff. WTH is going on?! I was amazed. And where are their bosses? In today's tough really need to make the customer feel like they are spending their dwindling cash in a place that is worth it.

ok. phew. doneeeee! just crazy i tell you. If IIIIIII were queen....things would be different. lol

So....if you ever have a problem with anything you ever get from me. Please let me know. I WILL make it better. With a smile. And a thank you for shopping with me! I think that is why I give a way so many freebies....(ppl have asked me why I do). Because I know times are tight. I know ppl could shop elsewhere. I know that we are all in hte same boat. And I like to make ppl happy. So...those things all combine in sharing the love.

(though I have nada for today, sorry ;) ). You KNOW I will be here soon with a giftie!

I want to let you know about my new product released today at FPD...and on sale for a limited time.

here you see a boy's life exploded. lots of fun templates that are sure to delight.

These are so versatile.....many things can be used for layouts and kits not geared toward any gender.

Add shadow and flatten to use just as is (texture applied already)

add your fave papers etc and use on layouts or in your kits

commercial use extra license needed!

you have your choice of Tiff, Psd or individual png files

and a CD album!!!

10 cd album sketch templates

1 cover template

1 back album template

fun layouts that you can use to create your own album. you can also use them on regular layouts by dragging them on.

so...that is it. have a great night. smile and be lovable!


Kittenb said...

Hi Sweetie! I must confess I stalk your blog daily :) I work for a Doctor, we have 2 offices and it is just him and I. We get some horribly rude people calling wanting appointments right away and we are booked out 3 weeks. I get yelled at cussed out and called all kinds of glorious things. LOL But I always have a smile on my face even on the phone and make sure they know that even if they are mad I am truly sorry. I agree with your take on it. Nothing gets my goat more than rude people. I have been known to leave somewhere due to lack of or rude service. So in this long rant I just wanted to say I hereby vote you queen :)

Nicole said...

I second the motion to make you queen! :p Great new products Tracy. LOVE the CD album.